Re: what dreams may come
Mon Dec 7, 2020 18:04

Hopefully e-pecker wasn’t ‘headminster’ of said Interweb school :-)

  • what dreams may come Redjeans, Sun Dec 6 19:34
    I dreamt this board was an underground layer at an unnamed university and people wrote posts with chalk on tunnel walls. The university was about to recognize our little unofficial club and we would... more
    • Re: what dreams may come a, Mon Dec 7 18:04
      • Re: Redjeans, Mon Dec 7 23:08
        pecker would most likley be the treasurer
      • Re: what dreams may come Anonymous, Mon Dec 7 18:30
        Drunken post. David Berman is dead. Epecker would be good ‘webmaster’ except for over-sized ego & self-importance. Factoid :-)
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