Thu Apr 15, 2021 01:00

Amadeus damn sure appeared ‘mentally lacking’. Not too dissimilar Friday cause lt

ie, why bother—-> corp office will attempt to make as worse as possible., Hello Gerard c. .of MatatDor Records; smartest & most intellelligent guy. Fact. Bus park Also very decent Also :-)

  • Every David Charles (Cloud) Berman, Silver Oews, writing/lyric that includes [.. um, forgot what was searching for.., FU, Ie all know, was about beer] nada/nothing. Zero results. Not surprising :-(
    • Lyrics that include “Beer” Results - None. 🙏 [middle finger] ie, Results stacked against us. Needed investment of $30million dollars in early-mid1900s —> now worth $2-3$billiin dollars.... more
    • Disc.server.. A.A., Thu Apr 15 01:00
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