Resurfacing lyrics
Sat Jul 10, 2021 14:38

Some of David’s lyrics seem super-glu’d to my inner-reveries:

Hanging around those haunts at night
Where half the clientele was part poltergeist

Grinding an axe against all that exists
Minus their protected exceptions … etc.

    • re: Storyline Fever A.A., Sat Jul 10 18:10
      Earlier this week, USPS delivered new & still sealed cd of Purple Mountains. Haven't listened to it yet. Also delivered was an ebay purchase of The Traveling Wilburys Collection (used) Vols 1 & 3... more
      • more bangers Reggie , Mon Jul 19 21:42
        “On this planet, where I’ve been stranded, beneath this gray and granite sky…” “Plodding the sod of the visible…”
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