Bled Zeppelin: 28 November 2017
Tue Jul 27, 2021 21:21

Awhile ago, looked in email archives. Still have Your ‘New Book’ [data entry.pdf] that You graciously sent 3 or 4 yrs ago :-) It begins w/a stick figure drawing/icon & concludes w/an image sorta resembling a raised rectangular computer terminal colored blue. Am very glad I saved/archived it.



Okay, Over/Out. Take Care. Southern Neighbor in Los Estados Unidos.

  • clicks epecker, Tue Jul 27 20:43
    • Bled Zeppelin: 28 November 2017 A.A., Tue Jul 27 21:21
      • foyer epecker, Wed Jul 28 19:06
        • Frank Lloyd Wright.. A.A., Thu Jul 29 21:55
          Frank Lloyd Wright is a shitty architect. Fact.
          • Beinahe Nichts: Three architects, three journalists and two designers gathered over Zoom to make a list of the most influential and lasting buildings that have been erected — or cleverly updated —... more
            • burn before reading Rj, Wed Aug 4 14:46
              Thanks for the ARTicle
              • Art & Architecture cont. A.A., Mon Aug 9 05:54
                Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Jekyll and Hyde Year: The artist famous for his riddling photos has turned to old-fashioned function and grace in his design for the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden. If Sugimoto is... more
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