11 August
Thu Aug 12, 2021 03:49

Is younger Sister's birthdate. She woulda been 55 yrs old.

Hell, even that sh*tty f*ckface Canadian esnicker would have liked her. She was that good of a person :-) She passed away cause of little known variant of ovarian cancer except to female 1st cousins & relatives who didn't share family info. F*ck them b*tches.

postscript: also,ŕ She would be very disappointed that Houston Astros are now American League instead of NL - Central where they always belong. Minute Maid ballpark is decent but not great. The Astrodome is a World Heritage site cause of out-dated ac & acoustics. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, is as great as the press says. Lotsa green grass. Fact.

    • Re: 11 August Anonymous, Thu Aug 12 04:00
      • .. as usual A.A., Thu Aug 12 04:55
        apologies to epeck. I drink too much beer sometimes & become unhinged. No excuses though.
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