Re: Vancouver/Chicago/Brooklyn
Thu Sep 30, 2021 21:04

Thanks A.A. It was a joy to read your reply. I have never visited Philly but it's one of those US cities I'd like travel to on a road trip when the US opens its land border up to Canada again. Maybe this summer? Can't wait for this coronademic to subside, although there have been quiet moments of reflection over the past two years that were markedly different than previous years and strangely beautiful due to the eerie spirit of the times.

  • Re: Vancouver/Chicago/Brooklyn A.A., Wed Sep 29 20:34
    Thx for reply :-) After reading Yr comment yesterday, went to the FLP (Free Library of Philadelphia) interwebs catalogue system & put a reserve on VALIS which will be shipped to local neighborhood... more
    • Re: Vancouver/Chicago/Brooklyn Redjeans, Thu Sep 30 21:04
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