Looking/Rearranging CD Collection..
Tue Oct 5, 2021 11:15

Have two copies of Starlite Walker (one still sealed)
Don't have The Natural Bridge
Have American Water cd (still sealed)
Sealed CD of Bright Flight
Have neither Tanglewood Numbers nor Lookout Mtn, Lookout Sea
Have Purple Mountains CD (still sealed)

eBay CD copies of what am missing are sorta expensive. Will look for said cds next time go to record store. Hopefully will also find copy of GBV - Suitcase 3 @ decent price.

  • DCB bot A.A., Mon Oct 4 18:17
    David Berman Bot Have been following @DavidBermanBot for month or so now. Said Twitter account tweets coupla lines/stanza of lyrics from DCB writings [SJs, Purple Mts, & Actual Air] once, twice,... more
    • Looking/Rearranging CD Collection.. A.A., Tue Oct 5 11:15
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