Rock 'n' Roll hIgh ScKOoL!
Wed Mar 30, 2022 07:07

Also Kurt H's bro had curly hair. Roomed w/w him on Costillion Dorm one summer in Austin. He asked why I got phone also when he had onrpe in next room Rolling Stones
Emotional Rescue [20 June 1980] We were teenagers. Think both Mr & Mrs Harworth are deceases. The Brewster's were a Beatles family in the BEST possible way! Ha!

  • Curt H., *not* w/K explained the beauty & technique of Alex Lifeson vs guitarist Ed Van Halen ie: "Is how he puts the notes together"! Anyways, Kurt & friend Lenny Bruce don't remember his total name ... more
    • Rock 'n' Roll hIgh ScKOoL! A.A., Wed Mar 30 07:07
      • Del Mar Anonymous, Wed Mar 30 07:14
        Texas. Laredo suburb.
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