Meet Steve Keene, the Wildly Prolific Painter
Sat Jun 18, 2022 18:17

Meet Steve Keene, the Wildly Prolific Painter Whoís Made Album Covers for Pavement, Silver Jews, and More

PitchFork: Youíve done a lot of work with your friends in Silver Jews. Tell me a little bit about your relationship with David Berman.

Steve Keene: I think about David every day. I feel a little cursed by David [laughs]. I mean, if you liked David, you really were obsessed with David. The Silver Jewsí music, I wish I could hear it objectively. I wish I didnít know David, just to hear the music, because that was David in real life. David was so funny and just interesting, everything he said.

PF: What was it like to hear that last Purple Mountains record?

SK: I played it for the first time like two weeks ago, and I liked hearing it. It made me feel better. Itís pretty bleak, but the thing about David is that everything was slightly tongue in cheek. Iím glad itís almost three years removed, now I can see a little bit of humor in it. Itís not just death and destructionóitís irony and all this stuff.



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