Sat Jul 30, 2022 17:46

Click back on "Sequel-itis" for a revised first paragraph. Update: I'm back in the Ol' Apple. Just gave an unsheltered drifter twenty bux after he complimented my Dodger's cap. Let's all try to send out some positive eNergY into the karmaverse this weekend.

  • Life = Consciousness AA, Sat Jul 30 14:26
    Think David Charles Burman realized that. End of heartbeat. End of blood flowing. End of carbon life. Are You a good person? Have You helped more persons than You’ve harmed? DCB was wrong.. ie He was ... more
    • NUpdate Redjeans, Sat Jul 30 17:46
      • Novella Ideaers Anonymous, Sun Jul 31 09:51
        Will buy Yr book/novels when published :-)
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