prplmtns (part 2)
Wed May 17, 2023 21:34

Itís pretty clear now that those Kingston Bunkley first drafts (either written by GP or DCB or both) would have been workshopped for future albums. Itís a pity we wonít get to hear Davidís final rendition of drunken roses or the ballad of steak hernando or the verandah over the toy shoppe. The next purple mountains album would probably have been more playful, in the same vein as lookout mountain lookout sea.

  • off topic Redjeans , Wed May 17 21:22
    Peppermint bars imported from Connecticut just in time for Fall.
    • prplmtns (part 2) Redjeans , Wed May 17 21:34
      • Wowsea. Anonymous, Fri May 19 14:34
        Lookout Mountain is really good. I slept on it, did not purchase. Tacos gave thumbs down. His review was wrong.
        • Edit: S Anonymous, Fri May 19 17:20

          • Re: Edit: S Anonymous, Fri May 19 17:21
            Malk. Sliver Stars.
        • Re: Wowsea. Anonymous, Fri May 19 17:16

        • Wowsea. Stuff. Anonymous, Fri May 19 17:11
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