From my father's play
Thu Mar 14, 2024 22:32

When the apple falls from the tree does it roll very far?

[Mishka] (as Cleo approaches him in the office) Look at these rapacious lowlifes, each and every one of them has it in for me. Either they think I murdered Marm and the others or I am a marked man. Each one is eying the other up and down to see who is going to make the first move. Who gets the spoils? Who kills who? And finally they want to know who gets you, Cleo. They are sharks and they smell blood in the water.

[Cleo] Yes, yes, I picked up on that. But Mishka, they are also all thrown off balance, scared. They are asking themselves what your next move might be. They all want to make sure that they are not the next victim. And they canít put two and two together. I guess with all of these bodies popping up, they want to know what's at stake? What's the score behind all of this? And until someone sees what the score is, they will lay back and wait until things become clearer. For now we have some breathing room...

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Alpha... Delta... Gamma... Everybodyís smoked.