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The final section of Vicious Aliens will describe a co-ordinated assault on a castle complex similar to Wewelsburg (as it would have appeared if it had been completed). The team, which consists of the old channel changers that have been recruited from a different dimension in which there has been a nuclear war are led by Dulcinea in an assault on the castle. They teleport on to a train, planning on fighting their way through to the secret compartments which hold ’the black device’ or schwarzgerät. However, as they are making their way through Nazi guards, the train docks in a castle complex and the team must conceal there presence as they navigate through this vast complex (the size of several villages) and finally enter the castle. The functionary in charge of keeping the black device safe is a truly evil and despicable character who turns out to be ignorant of its contents. His nickname is “The Snail,” based on his deformed body, his slimy persona and his taste for large quantities of escargot.

The Snail is treated like a king and indulges in sick and twisted acts of perversion. He realizes that the device he is protecting is a sort of 'red button' that he could push at any time to alleviate tremendous suffering but he chooses not to push it and instead lives a hedonistic and masochistic existence. The ‘Future Nazis’ have given him no instruction other than to wait for their return which may take many years, even decades. Dulcinea tortures The Snail who upon serious interrogation admits his own self-loathing but little in the way of objective information about the device or who created it. He seems to be operating intentionally behind a veil of ignorance. Before Dulcinea kills him, he utters the final words, “I am a God.”

The team opens the black container that has been so heavily guarded and protected only to discover a simple HAM radio. Dulcinea concludes that whatever it was that was in the device originally, an object of monstrous power, has long since been switched on the dozens of prior missions that they have already been sent on. She declares that they are caught in a vicious and futile cycle involving the past and future.

Jason returns to the council of the Sentinels or the D Squared (Decentralized, Disenfranchised and Doomed) and he is told that he must undertake one final mission. Jason is charged with recruiting Bob Dylan during the period when he was recording the album Desire. The elderly, cybernetic Dylan supplies Jason with an Isis code that he says is the key to deciphering the hidden message within the song. Only this will convince Dylan (who has by this time has performed multiple dimensional transits) to rejoin the cause which he has disavowed in order to travel back with Jason to a place and time in history that only he knows —and that perhaps together they might repair the world.

Jason recruits Dylan during a colorful recording session for the song Isis. When the dimensional door opens Dylan goes through first and then looks back at Jason waiting for him to join him but Jason tells Dylan that he is going to stick around for a while. Dylan says he’s lying and that he’s never coming back. Jason tells Dylan to pass on his regards to Dulcinea and Nathan.

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