CalendarApp FAQ

Where is my maintenance page?

You can enter your email address in the form below and a message containing all of your maintenance page URLs will be delivered to you.

Visit and enter your email address in order to obtain a list of WebApps registered to your address with links to their maintenance pages.

You can also enter your email address and password on the WebApps Control Center and you'll get a page with links to all of your maintenance pages and modification times as well.

How can I create my own Calendar?

Register for a WebApps account, visit your Control Center, and then you can create CalendarApps and our other WebApps.

Why can't users add events to the calendar?

You have to explicitly allow visitors to add events to your CalendarApp. You can do this via the maintenance page (click on the padlock icon).

Limitations of free CalendarApps

When a free CalendarApp reaches 500 subscribers or 5000 page views a month, advertising will automatically appear on the CalendarApp. Upgrading to Premium will remove the advertising.

What if I've read the FAQ and can't find the answer to my question?

Can't find the answer you need? Try the general WebApps FAQ or our CalendarApp Forum.