ListApp iconListApp has been providing the ListApp newsletter service since 1997. By sending daily test messages to AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Google, we can ensure that your messages are getting delivered. We respond promptly to issues via email and on our Support Forum.


Your ListApp is password protected. Spammers won't be able to bother your subscribers. Also, will not sell, rent, or send spam to your subscribers as per our privacy policy.
Reliable has been providing the ListApp service since 1997.
All ListApp pages and messages are customizable. You can determine what your subscribers see at each step - subscribing, confirming or unsubscribing.
Confirmed subscriptions
Will prevent your ListApp from being blacklisted.
Plaintext or HTML newsletters
No subscriber limits
All ListApps have an unlimited number of subscribers.
Searchable Archive
Your newsletters are saved in a searchable archive. Take a look at ours!
RSS RSS Syndication
allows you to distribute your newsletters to news aggregators
Twitter Syndication
Your ListApp can send a tweet when a newsletter goes out.
You can add a newsletter widget to your site.
Use the service for free. As little as $5 a month if you opt to upgrade to premium service (no ads).

Please visit the FAQ if you have any questions.

Our ListApp Pro service combines a database with our ListApp service. This allows you to collect demographic information from your visitors and send targeted messages.