ListApp FAQ

Where is my maintenance page?

You can enter your email address in the form below and a message containing all of your maintenance page URLs will be delivered to you.

You can also enter your email address and password on the WebApps Control Center and you'll get a page with links to all of your maintenance pages.

How do I create my own mailing list?

To create a ListApp, please fill out this form and submit it.

You can change any of this information later on if you wish.

Name (of your newsletter)

Your personal information will not be disclosed as per our Privacy Policy.

Please bear in mind that use of this service is subject to our Terms of Service.

This is a free service. You may pay as little as $5 per month to remove any advertising.

I can't remember my password.

Enter your best guess when asked for your password. If you're wrong, you'll get a screen with a button to mail your password to the email address of the forum's administrator.

What are pending and confirmed subscribers?

A pending subscriber is someone who has filled out the subscription form for your ListApp but has not confirmed their subscription. A confirmed subscriber is someone who has clicked the confirmation link in the confirmation email and been added to your ListApp.

How can I encourage people to confirm their subscriptions?

Go to your maintenance page and click on the button labeled Change Appearance and edit the box labeled Followup page. This box contains the text that people will see after they enter their email addresses. Tell subscribers that they will receive a message from which contains a link that they must click on. They may have to whitelist this address.

You should also edit the Confirmation message. This box contains text that is sent to the subscriber in the confirmation email message. Remind subscribers what they subscribed to and tell them that unless they click the confirmation link, they won't receive any newsletters from you.

How do I increase subscriptions?

We once hosted a ListApp with over 80,000 subscribers. We were curious to see how the ListApp owner was able to accomplish this, so we visited his website. We found that he had a subscription form on every single page of his website.

How do bounces get handled?

The short answer is we ignore soft bounces and delete hard bounces. A soft bounce indicates a temporary situation (mailbox is full or server is busy) while a hard bounce indicates a permanent situation (usually, no such user). If we receive a hard bounce, then the associated address is deleted from your list of subscribers.

What if I've read the FAQ and can't find the answer to my question?

Can't find the answer you need? Try the general WebApps FAQ or our Support Forum.