WebApps FAQ

What is a WebApp?

Traditional applications require users to download software, install it on their desktop system or server, configure it, and resolve any conflicts with other installed software. WebApps are applications run on highly reliable, remote servers maintained by yourwebapps.com. No download time, no upgrade work, no conflict problems. Just the services you need for your web site or your personal use.

Using WebApps is straightforward. You simply use our configuration system to create your own customized version of a WebApp, and then you can access it any time you need to at the URL we provide you... bookmark serveral applications and your information can be right there on your browser's favorites menu - no need to open another application to access them!

Is there anything I need to download to use WebApps?

As long as you have a web browser and a connection to the Internet, you can use WebApps.

Where is the maintenance page for my WebApp?

You can enter your email address in the form below and a message containing all of your maintenance page URLs will be delivered to you.

My web site is on a free hosting service. Why won't my images show up in my yourwebapps.com WebApp?

Some free hosting services restrict their servers so images can only be displayed on HTML pages hosted by that service. If you are having this problem, we encourage you to explain the situation to your hosting service and ask why they won't let you use your images on yourwebapps.com webapps.

What if I don't have a web site?

Most ISPs allocate some homepage space to each user. You should check with your ISP first. If they do not allow you to create a homepage, there are many free homepage sites available. Any search engine will have many listings where you can create your own home on the web and link your yourwebapps.com WebApps.

How can I get rid of the banner ads on my WebApp?

Advertising sponsorships allow us to provide WebApps as a free service. If you would like a version without Ads, either to not have ads entirely or so you can insert your own ads, we offer leasing.

Where can I find FAQs for each WebApp?

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What if I can't find the answer to my question on the yourwebapps.com site?

Try posting your query in the WebApps support forum.