Date January 26, 2018
Time 22:00
Event The Beatbox Collective at LACF
The Beatbox Collective is a group of the best
beatboxers in the UK collaborating to perform
awe-inspiring shows that display the human
voice in all its glory. Individually they have
won almost every beatbox competition in the
world, and together this vocal supergroup
create a wall of sound that simply has to be
heard to be believed. The 2015 official World
Beatbox Champions, The Beatbox Collective have
performed at festivals including Glastonbury,
Boomtown Fair and Secret Garden Party, and sold
out their show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
in 2016. Expect a mind-blowing, original and
energetic show that truly showcases the best of
beatboxing in all of its forms.
The Beatbox Collective will also make a special
appearance with Huun-Huur-Tu on Friday 26th
January (more information here).
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