Canuck Script
Wed Jun 16, 2021 09:49

Canoodles wanders in the wood along to Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’

A dirty grey sweater

Sunlight piercing leaves

roll MAIN CREDITS over these images

Rocky outcroppings underfoot

Some blood-spatter on his sweater

His rough hands

A knife in one

‘siiilence, siiilence,’ sings Thom Yorke

Nature, vegetation

Canoodles slowly walks to the edge of a cliff…

Our camera is hovering mid-air, off the edge, staring back at him…

He is wearing the Cat Mask, stained with blood-streaks

He raises his hands behind his head and begins to remove the mask but we only catch a flash of his face before we cut to



CUT TO cabin with a short-wave radio set up, a microphone, a receiver, some speakers.

The Camp Radio DJ is one of the senior staff at Camp Coyodel although we get the impression that his heart is no longer into it. His announcements will be a running joke throughout the film.

Camp Radio DJ: Well, good news everybody, the ice caps are melting but at a much faster rate than we expected, a glacier the size of New York State just calved off the Polar ice shelf. On a more local note, I think I’ve got haemorrhoids! Believe it or not, today our campers finally arrive, those little balls of piss and vinegar will land at our doors around noon today. This is the day we’ve all been prepping for these past two weeks more less, let’s show our campers that ol’ Camp Coyodel spirit!

CUT TO parking lot with yellow school-buses. Parents are saying goodbye to their children and dropping them off to get sorted into their cabins and age groups.

We are now introduced to our PRIMARY CHARACTERS as they are standing in front of the yellow school-bus with a sign plastered on one side that spells out CANOODLES. Various counsellors holding clipboards are calling out names in the background.

  • hay juys (nm) epecker, Mon Jun 14 23:35
    • Canuck Script Reggie, Wed Jun 16 09:49
      • Canuck Script (2) Redjeans, Tue Jun 22 12:00
        Canoodles wanders in the woods along to Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ Super-8 flashbacks superimposed on crisp images of Canoodles, The Killer, walking through craggy woods. Panning off his shoulder, a... more
        • Canuck script Anonymous, Sat Aug 7 18:06
          i really should start preparing for plan A
        • Days In The Wake A.A., Tue Jun 29 16:15
          Palace Brothers I Am A Cinematographer [1994]
          • Re: Redjeans, Sat Jul 17 15:41
            dis song rulez - rj
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