Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:31

It would take a writer of Phillip K. Dickís depth to convey DCBís final year.
VALIS might be the closest approximation:

  • Why the F*ck? A.A., Sat Sep 4 22:42
    DCB is dead. At his own hands :-( Over/Out.
    • Vancouver/Chicago/Brooklyn Redjeans , Tue Sep 28 10:31
      • Re: Vancouver/Chicago/Brooklyn A.A., Wed Sep 29 20:34
        Thx for reply :-) After reading Yr comment yesterday, went to the FLP (Free Library of Philadelphia) interwebs catalogue system & put a reserve on VALIS which will be shipped to local neighborhood... more
        • Re: Vancouver/Chicago/Brooklyn Redjeans, Thu Sep 30 21:04
          Thanks A.A. It was a joy to read your reply. I have never visited Philly but it's one of those US cities I'd like travel to on a road trip when the US opens its land border up to Canada again. Maybe... more
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